Cutz Technologies was established in 2007 as a Getac Reseller in Malaysia. Getac offers extensive rugged computing product lines including laptop and tablet computer. 


Getac Technology

Getac Technology is a Taiwan-based company that manufactures rugged notebook, tablet and handheld computers. The key traits for rugged computers are longevity, reliability, continuity and compatibility.


Gamber Johnson

Gamber-Johnson is a leader in vehicle computer and laptop mount components made for use in any terrain.


Lind Solution

Lind Electronics is a proven leader in designing and producing mobile power solutions for all types of users in different industries. Lind's product lines include standard and custom AC/DC and DC/DC power adapters, battery chargers, dual USB adapters, Shut Down Timers, solar chargers and stock & custom cables.


Team on the Run

Team on the Run is a business messaging power tool for smartphone, tablet, and PC. This app provides industrial end-to-end security, ensuring your corporate privacy. The tool guarantees safe and verifiable reception of all your messages: text, corporate documents, maps, contacts, photos, videos, music, and more! Help your team - including remote colleagues and field teams - to communicate instantly wherever they are. Easily manage your team and corporate directory, made available to users automatically. See StreamWIDE today for a new generation of mobile business tools to improve your operational efficiency, save time, increase customer satisfaction, and increase your bottom line


Getac Video Solution 

Getac Video Solutions, became a separate subsidiary of Getac Technology Corporation, founded in 2006, was a provider of in-car, body-worn and interview-room video recording systems, and cloud-based evidence management. Starting in 2018, the newly minted Getac Video Solutions now offers robust software and rugged hardware solutions to help law enforcement and other industries acquire and manage video and other digital evidence.

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